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Deer dream

by Meggie Cutter

Deer dream

A big buck and two doe were at the edge of the forest. The buck walked up to me and I embraced him. His warm fur was pressed up against my cheek, my arms were wrapped tightly around his neck. The two doe nuzzled me lovingly. The buck ordered me to eat him. I refused angrily. He persisted and said I must. An old crone with a long,tattered tunic appeared. Before I could let go of the buck, she shot an arrow right through his heart. I wept desperately as she methodically began to tie him to a tree,and peel his skin off with a short knife. Horrified I collapsed to the ground and cried into my hands. The doe quietly stood by me as if to comfort me like I was their fawn. When the old woman was done, she handed me a piece of the meat she had just butchered. To honor the buck, I thanked him, and I ate his flesh. I am a deer now.

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