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Welcome! Here is some NEWS! about what's happening.

by Meggie Cutter

You’re here! Welcome to my website where all things musical and creative happen. In other words, ‘tis a wonderful place to be stopping by.

Please look around and have a listen to my music. Even MORE exciting is my entire album will be available on Itunes shortly, 14 songs I wrote myself. I’ll keep you posted on that tid-bit.

Another piece of delicious stuff, is I’ll be filming a music video on July 17th. Oh so swell indeed! There will be pictures posted from that and I’m sure some fabulously silly stories, as I have never filmed a video before.

As for shows, that will be commencing this fall in Springfield, Missouri. More on that later….

I’ll be out in L.A. at the end of the month. I’ve never been to Southern California before, so it should be an amazing adventure. I have however been to Northern California once when I was 16. Shout out to Mendocino! I met a boy named Thunder and a girl with a pet falcon. What could be more fun than that? Then I got lost in the redwood forest, which I’m quite sure is the home of many magical beings, or rather I HOPE.

I’m sure my adventure to L.A. will also be like something out of a strange book, and maybe even better.

Lots of love to you visitor,

  • Meggie
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